Thursday, June 11, 2009

Back from Spain

I had a lot of fun over there. The atmosphere is so different from the states--I have to go back one day. I might not even return until everyone here has realized that sex isn't bad and shoving your beliefs down everyone else's throat isn't the way to go. Ah well. (I wonder what it is that makes Americans so different from the rest of the world?)

The food was awesome. Very very awesome.

The city was awesome. None of our cities here in the States have half as much personality. I like Gaudi's works especially, and bought a small sketch of two hands that Picasso made.

The people were people. Sinners and saints, parents and children, men and women, lovers. It amazed me how well I could understand emotions and intentions even if the words escaped me. "Same planet," my friend said.

But I am back at home, comfortable on my own dear bed in my own lovely house. My room is a mess and we have two kittens.

I went to a nearby lake yesterday with Maria and that was lovely beyond reason--after a month of only seeing someone's words on a computer screen, seeing them is surreal and unnerving, even, if they are your significant other. But, it's all good. We spent all day getting reacquainted and swimming around.

I am unpacked and got the wireless working, and forgot to buy my brother anything, which makes me feel like a tool. Ah well.

Ask any questions you have! I will be happy to answer them! As always, I can be reached by email if you need me.


  1. :] I am glad you are home. I'm glad you had fun but I am more glad that you are home. I love you. Mwah

    Apparently I am not logged on. :/

  2. Arara, pictures are delayed due to apathy but I will certainly fix that soon. (I still have to clean my room up and everything.)

  3. Understandable. My room is a disaster thanks to Bonnaroo.

  4. You are friends with me on Facebook, Andrew. Half the pictures are up right now.