Friday, July 10, 2009

I call bullshit on you, society. -or- Michael Jackson was weird.

Today's subject is the death of pop superstar Michael Jackson and his posthumous portrayal and treatment both by the mainstream media and the idiot public.

Jackson was a great singer, a fantastic dancer, and a huge influence on popular music even to this day.

However, he was also a bizarre, messed-up weirdo of a person and just because he is dead is no reason to ignore this. Someone has got to break through this bullshit 'respect-for-the-dead' thing and just tell the goddamn truth.

Yeah, I know the guy didn't have a childhood as such, and that's bound to mess a body up. However, he definitely had enough money to afford any therapist (if indeed he needed one) he wanted, so it's not that much of an excuse.

First thing that springs to mind is his appearance. He was born August 29, 1958, a healthy black boy. He died June 25 of this year, an extremely thin, feminine white man.

This. Is. Not. Normal. I don't know if his story about skin disease was true or not, but even if it is, he still had more plastic surgery going on than a Chinese toy factory. This is also not normal.

Then there is the entire controversy about the child molestation charges. I don't know if anyone can ever say for sure if Jackson ever did anything that was actually illegal, except of course the children themselves, but there was definitely something weird going on in Neverland.

There was also that baby-dangling incident in 2005. Not. Normal. (Also, haha. Blanket.)

The mainstream media (looking at you, Fox News), in addition to spending hours and hours upon the gubernatorial resignation of Sarah Palin (which truly only affects Alaskans, not the whole nation), has almost completely forgotten the scandals which plagued Jackson and boosted their ratings for months at a time. Two incidents of child molestation and the baby-dangling. (Say that a couple times out loud.) The media has perpetuated the view of Jackson as a wacked-out pedophile, so why stop now?

The public, as always, has eaten this up. Millions of Americans who, only a few years ago, were sure that Jackson had, in fact, molested those children now rush to mourn and lament him.

Fuck you, society. Fuck your pretentious bullshit, and your post-superstitious belief that speaking ill of the dead is "bad." The truth is not ill, for one thing. If a guy was weird, then it's okay to say it, even after he is dead. Jackson was weird. Maybe he did bad things to kids, maybe not. But he was weird, and I don't care how dead he is. He was still weird.

What does society have against the truth? Well, the public often doesn't like it because people like to think that they are better than they are, better than human. The media doesn't like it because it doesn't make for good ratings or a cowed public. And the government, well....they've always had problems with the truth. It doesn't often paint them in a good light.

The moral of the story, kids, is that dead people were still people, with everything which that entails.


  1. you are so mean.
    and i've had those same thoughts..

  2. I am not mean! I don't mean any of this to offend.

    Unless you're talking about the muffins. That was a joke, though.

    But seriously. None of this is meant to insult, offend or otherwise annoy. It's supposed to make people think, especially about themselves.