Thursday, December 24, 2009

New Year's 2009

A New Year's post is sort of a tradition of mine, although I have made them in more or less a different cyberspatial location each year since I began. First it was Xanga, then MySpace, then Facebook, now here.

This year has actually been pretty great for me. And it has also kinda sucked. I spent the first half of it with Maria up at West Georgia, which was nice, and I appreciate that time even more since I have had to endure this last semester seeing her only once every few weeks. While we still phoned and messaged one another constantly, it was still a big change from spending pretty much every day together. We still have a semester to go before we can be properly together again.

This is the year I decided for sure that I am a writer, and that I want to write for a living. I think this is a major turning point in my life, as I was never really sure about anything regarding my future before now. The creative writing class I took this past semester has only cemented my desire to pursue this path, which is exactly what I will do.

School this year has been alternately rough and wonderful, but through it all I've kept learning and growing as a student. I feel like I've finally got the hang of this whole college thing people keep going on about--of course, I'm taking my first 4000-level class next semester, so I could be totally wrong. I made the Dean's List this past semester. And I worked and worked and worked to get there, although I didn't expect that particular award. I just knew I wanted to do as well I as I could, and I feel totally validated about all my self-denial, discipline and hard work. Excuse me while I toot my own horn:



Alright. This year has held much change, for me and for the world at large. I have become more distant from a close friend due to a difference in opinion, and while that has been painful, I feel also that it was somewhat unavoidable, as he has become a very different person from the man I met some years ago.

I went on my first trans-Atlantic flight and slept in Europe for a month. That was an unbelievable experience and I can't wait to do it again. I think that one month had more of an effect on me as a person and an artist than any other one month in my life. I devoured some very good food, met some very cool people, heard some extremely annoying dogs and saw some breathtaking places. I also learned how separation like that which is imposed by an entire ocean can estrange one from familiar things.

I was in my first major automobile accident, along with Maria. We misguidedly attempted to turn across a lane of traffic and were halfway T-boned (think 45 degrees) on the passenger side--that is, my side. I was ludicrously lucky to clamber out of the driver's side door with only two scratches and a mouth full of powdered window. Maria was a bit less lucky, as she was terribly sore all over for the next few days, but otherwise we got out of that mess fairly well off--physically. Her Crown Victoria was totaled and even when she was able to buy a new transportation machine, she was forbidden to drive anywhere save work or school. This made for something of a miserable summer after I returned from Spain.

I have developed a liking for revolvers, although I don't own any. I plan to obtain my firearms license in the near future and begin collecting those, along with hats and typewriters.

I brought in this year with a kiss, which I had never been able to do before. I rather think it was an excellent start. I plan to begin 2010 the same way.

My proper, one-year anniversary with Maria happened in October to not very much fanfare, but lots of shrimp scampi and cuddling. We break the record for my longest--and most enjoyable--relationship with every second, although we still have something like a month and a half to go until we break her record.

Regardless, I feel good about this year as a whole. Some very excellent things have happened and a lot of celebrities have died, although those two ideas are hardly related. (Isn't that weird, though, that so many have kicked the proverbial bucket, one after the other? As Satou Tatsuhiro might say, "It's [probably not] a conspiracy!")

I truly don't watch television, so there's a lot that happened in the world of pop culture which I have missed. However, I think even the Martian colony on Europa heard about Michael Jackson's bizarre death and Kanye West's monumental dickery. I don't particularly care about these things, you understand, but when EVERYONE is talking about them, it's impossible not to form some kind of opinion, even if it is only that the media is annoying no matter how it gets to you.

I've learned a lot this year, both in my courses and in the general course of being alive. New life experiences: double-check.

I hope that 2010--which, by the way, is officially the Future since we can prefix it by saying "twenty-x" instead of "two thousand and x" or "oh-x"--is as educational and developmental for me and for all of you as 2009 has been.

Some people have said that the Double-Naughts have been the worst decade in recent history--and in many instances, they are right. However, there's a corollary to that:

Things can only go up from here, folks. Let's make it happen. Let's begin building the Future--as we imagined it when we were children--in 2010.


  1. I love you. I wish we had gotten dressed up in our pretty clothes. That is that only thing I would have changed about tonight. :]

  2. A still more glorious dawn awaits.

  3. Also "twenty-eleven" sounds ludicrous. But no more so than '011 or any of the other ways that people might choose to verbally represent the amount of time that has passed in the last 2009 years.

    Perhaps it is time to start over? Let 2011 be 1950 again? 1950 sounds much less ridiculous, after all.

  4. Twenty-eleven sounds fine for a year. Not for an amount, but for a year I think it's fine.

    If we were starting over, it would be 1919, so that I could live through the Roaring 20s.

  5. Why would you want to live through the Roaring 20's? I mean, I'm all for the awesomeness that happened then, but that was when the Depression was. No, thank you. I'd rather have our economy now.

  6. Actually, the Great Crash was in 1929. The 20s were the era directly before the Depression, which partially caused the depression. Swing music, illegal booze and constant rejection of social norms all while dressed fantastically sounds great to me.

    Trust me, though--I'd get the hell out on New Year's in 1928.

    Getcha facts straight, Pokey. :)